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 Welcome to Holistic Yoga and Meditation Page

Ilona Warda, Chopra Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Soul Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Our studio is a unique place where you can rejuvenate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. We offer Holistic Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, Energy Healing, Empowering Workshops, Soul Coaching® to help you to create more Peace, Health, Happiness and Success in your life. 

Whether you are looking for physical exercise, maintaining health, regaining vitality, releasing stress and tension, relaxing your mind or seeking spiritual fulfillment we are here to guide you. There are many reasons to start practicing yoga and Meditation! 

Holistic Yoga and Meditation offers a variety of yoga classes and Meditation classes to meet the needs of every person interested in overcoming the pressures and stresses of modern life in a self-empowering and healthy way!

The flow of Holistic Yoga Class?

Holistic yoga is an ancient healing practice incorporating the use of ki-energy (vital energy) to facilitate the awareness of body, mind and breath.

Holistic yoga practice combines postures from different styles of Yoga, Chi Gong and other healing techniques to experience total well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Holistic yoga is suitable for everyone, whatever your age, background, beliefs or level of fitness.

Regular practice will help you: stay physically fit, mentally alert, create emotional stability and reconnect you with your inner peace.

We introduce a variation of the poses to prevent beginner students from hurting themselves.

The series includes warming up exercises, body tapping, joint rotations, poses, stretching, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

These techniques are designed to release blockages, stress and tension and encourage the free flow of energy in the body. When the energy flows freely we are healthy and balanced.

Our classes are taught in a non-competitive environment by instructors who will guide your practice based on your current health status and physical abilities.

With regular practice you will experience:

  • Reduction of Stress, pain and tension
  • Improved health, Increased energy,
  • Improved posture, flexibility and balance, 
  • Improved condition of your joints and circulation
  • Stimulation of digestion and metabolism
  • Improved self-confidence, and self-esteem 
  • Stronger muscles
  • Better sleep
  • Normalized blood pressure, 
  • Reduced anxiety

Holistic Yoga will rejuvenate, revitalize and balance all systems in your body.


Meditation is a practice of inward awareness and relaxation of the mind. It is a journey to the center of our very being; a journey to emotional freedom; and a journey to reawakening of our unconditioned self. Practicing meditation on a daily basis allows you to weave silence and stillness into your mind and body to create a life of compassion and fulfillment. In meditation we train our mind to maintain a single point of focus. Breath, a mantra, mandala, flame of a candle, can help to concentrate the mind. Meditation brings release from physical and emotional tension as well as good health. When practicing meditation we temporarily withdraw the mind from the daily pressures and tune into an inner oasis of calm. Even a few minutes of meditation each day can drastically improve our ability to cope with everyday life and help us to develop an awareness of our inner self. Studies are shown that anxiety and stress levels can be reduced effectively through meditation which also has a remarkable healing effect on the physical body. Meditation can be an ideal practice for those who suffering from illness or recovering from injury.                                     

Meditation is helpful to:

Manage stress
Reduce anxiety

Enhance your immune system

Lower your blood pressure

Enhance your sleep patterns

Create inner peace

Awaken your intuition

Bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit

Improve your relationships

* Group and Private sessions are available.

* Now you can also book the sessions for your events,

 gatherings and Birthdays.

* We offer:

* Holistic Yoga * Chair Yoga * Meditation * Healing Workshops * Healing Circles

* Soul Coaching ® Program * Reiki *


For more info please contact Ilona Warda
by phone: 416-473-3947 or email: info@goholisticyoga.ca
Check back later for new events and workshops. There's much more to come!

Please confirm if you are planning to attend the class. Call or text: 416-473-3947

Please note there will be no group classes from June 18-July 26

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Mondays at 7:15pm

1780 Meadowvale Blvd.

Dance Room #116

Mississauga, ON

Thursdays at 10:00am

Saturdays at 9:30am

392 Gibraltar Dr. Second Floor

Mississauga (Derry Rd/ Kennedy Rd)

Confirmation required

Wellness Retreats
Life Transforming Retreat

Upcoming Events

Release blockages and stress and accumulate vital energy

in your physical body.
By accumulating the vital energy you improve your health and develop more confidence and courage to manifest your goals.

Registration required. Space is limited

Chakra is the Sanskrit word and it means “wheel.” Chakras are centers of awareness in the human body. These energy centers are neither physical nor anatomical. They are found in the subtle energy system, although their radiant energy does correspond to positions within the body.

The chakras influence cells, organs and the entire hormonal system and affects one’s thoughts and feelings. Through the chakras, we take in energy from our surroundings. They interact with the physical body through endocrine system and nervous system. Healing Chakra Workshop is designed to activate, cleanse, and integrate the individual Chakras, in order to create a harmonious Chakra System.  

Registration required. Please call 416-473-3947

Healing Workshop #2 

Release blockages from your heart, old emotions, hurt and start to approach your life with the open heart. Re-connect with your heart, expand compassion and love.

 Register Now! Seats are limited!


Healing Workshop #1

Awaken healing energy, open acupuncture points, release blockages and stress.

Cost: $50

Registration required. Space is limited

Transform your life 

with Soul Coaching®

Reconnect with your Authentic Self and  Manifest more Peace, Success and Fulfillment in your life!

Find the meaning in your everyday life!

Register now to reserve your spot!!!

5 Sessions - 3 hours each

Group or Private Sessions

Holistic Yoga Teacher Training